• Luis Nejo

Welcome Chris, Ben and Vineeth

It's my pleasure to be able to welcome Christopher Potter, Ben Liu and Vineeth Bhargavan to DXLabs - our UX/UI/CX powerhouse!

Chris joins the DXLabs leadership team as Head of Strategic Design, bringing with him over a decade of experience collaboratively designing digital products and services across several industries. Chris will help us establish our experience design practice, helping our customers understand the why behind digital transformation - innovating and shaping journeys that matter and experiences worth remembering. Adding to that, Vineeth and Ben add to our cloud, frontend development, customer engagement and cloud contact centre capabilities. We're taking these skills and combining them with our passion for digital experience - front of house, back-office and the contact centre - to support our customers through all or any part of their digital and experience transformation journeys. We're also a little obsessed with 'digital enabler' technologies - proven, smart and scalable products that break away from the old way of doing things. With that said, we're very proud to announce our new partnerships with Twilio, AWS, Checkifi and Xpertdoc - products adding value in different ways and challenging the status quo, just how we like it! Thank you again to all supporters. To all those who we are yet to work with, we can't wait to do so 😉


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